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In today’s food world the words, fresh, healthy, local, quality and flavorful are important to the purchasing public.  At Sparkling River Pepper Company the words flavor profile, natural and variety are important too.  We offer a variety of pepper products that provide unique flavor profiles for use in the professional kitchen and for the home chef as well.

Most of our sauces and other pepper products are used as enhancements to recipes and individual dishes rather than as “finished” products.  There are exceptions.  Fresh and roasted peppers can be used as ingredients in your favorite recipes as well as being the primary or a primary dish in the meal.  Cooked and cold soups and stews are excellent dishes for your favorite sweet or hot, fresh or roasted pepper.

Crushed, dried or smoke-dried peppers can be used in dry rubs for meats or sprinkled on vegetables at the table.  Whole pod, dried and smoke-dried peppers can be used in cooked sauces or soups and can be left in the dish after cooking or removed before serving.

Spicy products have become more mainstream as home and professional chefs seek substitutes for ingredients that are deemed unhealthy.  Sparkling River substitute ingredients offer flavor and health.  “We Favor Flavor” rather than lots of heat although most of our products are hot to some degree … Warm is good!
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“The food industry unit of measurement for the pungency of hot peppers is the Scoville Unit. It is named for the pharmacologist Wilbur L. Scoville. Although the Scoville Organoleptic Test is still occasionally used, it has mostly been replaced by high performance liquid Chromatography. This process measures the amount of capsaicin present in parts per million, which is then converted into Scoville Units. Pure capsaicin is 16 million Scoville Units.”

The Chile Pepper Encyclopedia by Dave DeWitt