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Sparkling River Farm and the peppers that grow there

Sited on the grounds of two previous “home places” just South of the old ford and former docking location for the paddle wheelers that plied the White River, Sparkling River Farm has been occupied since it’s first inhabitants, Clovis Man, used the area for communities and meeting grounds before any written history was established. The large collection of flint “points” (arrowheads) and tools confirms their occupancy of the site near the unincorporated town of Mt. Olive in Izard County, Arkansas.

Fast forward to 1963 when Warren A. Smith bought the 230-acre farm as a place for his impending retirement. An accomplished wood-worker and craftsman he converted the existing potato shed into a full-service cabin. The “Main House” as the cabin is described today and a subsequent workshop building remain as evidence of his wonderful craftsmanship and style.

Since 1971 Sparkling River Farm has been occupied by the “Farmers of Sparkling River”. Families have been raised here and the magic of the place has been enjoyed. The Farm is now the location of Sparkling River Pepper Company’s primary growing site and the home of the company’s commercial pepper smoker. As current stewards of the land the Pepper Ranchers use and manage the site with utmost care and respect. They minimize chemical use and maximize the use of beneficial insect and plant species and varieties. An organic growing location is now being developed.

The magic of Sparkling River Farm is evident in the pepper patch, Cedar Glade and river valley mists. It is a wonderful place to live and work.

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